Monday, September 9, 2013

english essay for spm

assalamualaikum ... hew hew ~

apa khabar saudara saudari yang entah macam mane boleh tersesat kat blog ni? sihat? dah makan?
hmm, macam ni sebenarnya. semalam abang ada borak borak kosong dengan cousin abang, cewah, ber abang abang gitu >_< , dia spm tahun ni, tengah trial kan? buat elok elok ye. ni, nak share sikit ilmu ni. abang takde la cemerlang pun, tapi ada ilmu sikit-sikit tu kan elok share.

abang nak share pasal english essay. abang percaya ramai tak suka bab nulis essay ni. tapi bagi abang, time spm dulu, itulah feveret. especially essay english ni, sebab, essay english ni kita reka sendiri cerita dia, teacher abang ada cakap, "you can be anyone in your essay, you can be a boy, a girl, you can be a wife, a billionaire, an artist, anything you want. because it is your story, your own plot, be creative". jadi mudah sebenarnya buat essay ni. yang penting JANGAN TAKUT ATAU FOBIA TULIS ESSAY -1#.

pada mulanya, awal tahun, setiap kali dpt task atau homework buat essay, abang memang suka berimaginasi, i create my own story. tapi selepas beberapa kali test, feedback dari teacher, storyline, plot menarik, cuma banyak grammar error, dan mistake yg kecil-kecil. masalahnye, bila terlalu banyak error yg kecik kecik tu, maka besarlah jadinya. puncanya kenapa? sbb take time untuk abang fikir story line essay yg nk tulis tu, jadi apa yg abang buat dan mmg ini yang disuruh oleh teacher teacher, PREPARE SATU ATAU DUA ESSAY SENDIRI - 2#. bukan copy paste bulat bulat dari buku sample essay ke apa, itu kata teacher la, tapi ramai je yang copy bulat-bulat jadi sample essay. dengan cara ini, kita xyah sibuk nk pikir plot time exam nnti, dan ada masa untuk recheck essay kot ada error.
dari essay ni, kita hafal plot dia, storyline dia, cuma, intro dan endingnya kita biarkan, jangan fix, so essay kita jadi flexible untuk suaikan dengan mana-mana soalan nanti. haa, yang tu kena guna skill sndiri la nk olah intro dengan ending. dan dinasihatkan sample essay kita tu, satu mcm happy ending lg satu mcm sad ending. so, senang, nampak soalan, mane yg sesuai, kita pilih salah satu essay yg kita dah hafal.

pada mulanya abang takde cerita yg menarik utk dibuat essay, sekadar syarat untuk mengadakan sample essay. jadi satu malam tu, time tu tengah exam week trial spm, sehari sblm paper english, abang takda la struggle cari story baru, cuma macam pikir pikir gitu je, main dengan imaginasi. ditakdirkan, selepas solat isyak, tengah mengaminkan doa imam, abang dapat idea, idea asal nya abang dapat dari satu cerita yg abang pernah baca kat majalah mastika dan dari idea itu abang olah sendiri.

malam tu jugak, abang curahkan segala idea kat kertas, aplikasikan segalam ilmu yang telah diajar antaranya yang teacher pernah pesan, HURAIKAN SECARA DETAIL TENTANG SESUATU ATAU SITUASI, WARNA, BENTUK, RASA, DAN SEUMPAMANYA - 3#... buat macam tengah jawab exam kononnya. selepas sejam, abang jumpa teacher abang yg tengah dok ronda-ronda tgk anak murid prepare utk paper english esoknya, MINTAK TOLONG DIA BACA SEKALI LALU DAN CHECK KOT ADA SALAH GRAMMAR KE - 4#. tapi sbb time tu ramai lagi student lain nak mintak tolong, abang just suruh dia baca satu rangkap, dan ada satu dua error yang dia betulkan. pap! siaplah sample essay tu.

esoknya, dah eksaited ni masuk dewan exam. nampak soalan, cari yg fit ngn essay, jumpa... apa lagi... laju jela tangan ni menulis. tiga hari selepas tu. pergh! feymes nama abang di kalangan cikgu cikgu english. suma dok puji, essay abang menarik. abang pun tak duga, sampai kawan-kawan yang lain ramai datang jumpa abang,

"hakim, tadi aku jumpa teacher, dia suruh aku baca essay kau, meh nak pinjam".

"teacher aku kata essay kau comel, feymes dow kau"

seterusnya time spm pun, abang guna essay yg sama, alhamdulillah... abang dapat A+ english.

hahaha... dan feedback yg abang dpat dari kawan-kawan yg baca essay abang pun lebih kurang gitu, best, menarik, comel. seterusnya time spm pun, abang guna essay yg sama, alhamdulillah... abang dapat A+ english.

so, memang abang ada taip balik essay tu simpan kat lappy ni, jadi hari ni. abang nak share lah essay ni kat adik-adik. mane tau, boleh la copy jadi adik punya sample essay, takpe, abang halalkan.

english sample essay :

     I know I am not the only one who was good in cooking. I am not the only one with a happy family. But for me, my family is the best family in this world, and for my family, I am the best chef in this world. I really love to serve them. The moment of cherish when they ate my food, they smiled from ear to ear and gave me a bucket of compliments, is the moment of life that could last forever.

     It was the day that I was preparing my family's favourite, fettucine carbonara with black pepper roasted chicken. The aroma filled the atmosphere in my house along with the melody of jazz and I served the lunch on the dining table, under the chandelier that shone dimly burning the sense of romance.

     Ding Dong!
     "Mom! We're back!"
     My little daughter, a five year-old girl with curly hair, round hazel eyes and red lips ran towards me. Her name is Balqis, given by her handsome father, Amran. Amran closed the door and put his briefcase beside the antique sofa. I grabbed his right hand and kissed his hand with love and respect. He kissed my forehead.

     Then Balqis held my hand.
     "Mom, can I ask you something?"
     "What is it, honey?"
     "What is meant by 'sex'?"

     I was shocked with that question. How can a five year-old girl could ask that kind of question. I glanced at Amran, he just smiled and moved his shoulders upwards. I took a very deep breath. As Balqis has asked the question, I answered it but with a very long explanation; I told her a story.

     "It was a long, long time ago, when I was the same age as you, Balqis. My dad died before I was born into this world. I was born in a huge family, You grandma, my mother had taught me a lot of things since I was young as I was the only daughter. Every day, every night, she reminded me, "Always wear long sleeves, wear your scarf, cover your aurah properly. As a girl, you must put yourself with the highest value. Remember, only your family and your future husband can see your aurah".

     One day, I saw a boy. It was an assembly during my first year in secondary school. He was invited to recite the prayer. I liked to see the way he walked and I fell in love with his voice. I asked my friend about his name, but she could only tell me that he is a 'playboy'. I cannot deny that he kind a cute or maybe handsome, so no wonder many girls were obsess about him. But also I cannot deny that I felt like butterflies in my stomach when someone mentioned about him. He had be the reason of my spirit to go to school everyday. I admired everything about him. And I was truly envious when I saw he talked to the other girls. But then I realised that I should not have this feeling at this early stage. I have to focus on my priority as a student and my purpose to go to school is to study and gain knowledge.

     After the mid-year examination, we had no classes for a week. So, we used that time for playing and gossiping. All the boys of my class were in the field, playing football, only the girls left. The class was ours. Suddenly, one of my classmates sprinted towards me and pulled my scarf. It was off! Unluckily, at that time, the 'playboy' was walking at the walkway beside my class. He glanced, looking at me and then pretended that he did not see anything. Quickly I picked my scarf and wore it. The entire class laughed at me. My face turned red blushing as I felt too ashamed. I sat silently and whispered, "I have to meet him".

     The next day, I wrote a note and put it under his desk. At 1 o'clock on the dot, he came to the school canteen.

     "Hey, was it you who wrote the note? And it was you who stared at me everyday, right? And it was you who were yesterday in your class..." he paused at his words. I just looked down. I kept hoping that a hole would open on the floor and swallow me.

     "I have something to tell you," my voice trembled.
     "What is it?"
     "My mom said, only my family and my future husband can see my aurah. Then, you saw my hair yesterday. So, you... you...," tongue twisted, struggle for word, I cannot proceed my sentence.
     "I understand. You are a good girl. I respect that. I like you. Just wait till I finish my studies. I promise."

     Speechless, my heart melted. No words can describe how I felt that time. I was on cloud nine. So, I waited for him until I turned 25. One day, he came to my mother's house. He brought a diamond ring and proposed. He is you father, Amran.

     We got married and moved to a villa which you are living now. We lived happily. A year later, you were born, a diminutive girl named Balqis. So that is 'sex'."

     My long explanation made her stood dumbfounded. Then she took out her exercise book from her bag and showed, "Then, how am I going to write that long story in this space?"

     "Name : ...........
      Class  : ...........
      Sex    : ............"

     Amran and I looked at each other and we laughed. That is my precious little princess, Balqis, innocent and free from sins. I know I am not the only one who has a daughter, but for me, Balqis is the best and nothing can replace her.


so, itu sahaja yang abang dapat share kali ini, harap bole la serba sikit membantu adik adik ye.
Good luck! I wish all the best for all SPM candidates 2013! chaiyok ~


  1. Hello Bro..What type of Essay Is this?Open essays?

    1. narrative essay .. for example the question for my essay was :-

      write a story beginning with ... "I knew I was not the only one...."

  2. mane dpt idea ni?best, nice cool, and clean.hehe

  3. Hello Bro ...Please comfort me...What if the Question is Write a story end with ....and so i became a better person.

    dalam karangan awak ble tak guna tajuk tu....saya ada buat dan semua saya guna karangan awak dan akhir sekali saya tulis and so i became a better person.....ble ke tu?

    1. hmm sorry i can't comfort you.. for me, the question doesn't suits the essay, but maybe it might suits, i don't know... for better answer you should ask opinion from expert, your teacher, get advice from him/her about this essay and your question.. sorry i can't help you that much :)

    2. But acctually i change the ending ,i try to make it suits.......Ouh men...

    3. hahaha benda dah lepas.. tawakkal je.. jangan fikir sangat.. don't let it discourage you.. focus for the remaining papers.. chill :D

      i wish and pray the best for you :)

    4. Thank You So much.I Will Come back Here When I oredy Get My result...Please Pray For Me .....Btw Nice Music heee

    5. nice huh ? huhuhu ... that's my soul ~~

  4. Bro , will use your essay for my upcoming exam yea. Thanks. Such a nice story. Halalkan ye?

  5. can i use it for my SPM essay? please reply as soon as possible :)

  6. bro, bleh sy ambik story ni utk spm nnti? seminggu lgi sy nk duduki spm.. hehe.. story yg mnrik! ^^

  7. bro saya nak guna storyline bro nanti dlm spm. Boleh tahan ah plot twist dia.

  8. abg, grammar smua ok ke?? sbb su memang out psal gammar ni

    1. Insha Allah ok. Ni essay sy buat masa spm dlu, nnti sy try check balik kot2 bole improve sikit..

  9. assalamualaikum. boleh tak bagi tips macam mana abang study time spm dulu. tahun depan sy dah nak spm. takut laa. harap sgt abang dapat tolong sy. terima kasih.)

  10. Assalam, so awesome. I like your story. Can you teach me how to make a better story sbb saya selalu lambat fikir idea. Sjk tu saya malas nk buat essay. I dont have any idea to do the essay and end up i give up. Huh.

  11. One word.. inspiring! Nice plot.. cool la encik ni ! Essay mantap, sy pulak nak menangis sbb langsung preparation belum buat lagi. Dah la baru nak berjinak dengan narrative essay, spm 60 hr lagi. Sedihnyaa tengok diri sendiri, dh tau lemah, tpi still tsk improve². Nak jugak merasa A+ english. Still x dapat nak grab kunci for english. Where to start? Kadang² rasa nak give up je. Tapi, i must do something to be as good as encik. Doakan sy spm straight A+ inc english, malay, arabic.