my dad named me AMEERUL HAKIM which means "a wise leader"

on that day, 3rd OCTOBER 1994, I was born

I am the THIRD among five siblings

borned in PONTIAN, JOHOR and now staying in SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR

I love to eat CHICKEN, I love any kind of MUSIC or anything with melody, ARTS, DOMO that I always wish I have one that alive, sometimes I feel like wanna be a FILM DIRECTOR, reading NOVEL sometimes, I love KIDS very much, I'd like to TREAT and ENTERTAIN people, I wanna have as many FRIENDS as I could, I wish I could be a BILLIONAIRE, I am good at JUDGING PEOPLE, I used to have a GOOD INSTINCTS, maybe I could be a COUNSELOR, I play BADMINTON and TABLE-TENNIS, and I love VIDEO GAMES especially DOTA

what I do today, is a tale that I could make a BEDTIME STORY to my children one day

I aim to BE KNOWN by the whole world 

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