Thursday, April 11, 2013


heyaho ~! wassup guys ! aahhhh ... i just can't sleep well tonight so i turn on my laptop and do some stuff. facebook; done. dota; done. and i still kinda lack of stuff to do. then it just came out like a bulb, ting! "hah, blogger!". so i came here. and yet, after a few minutes i stuck without any shit to do. haha. but then i have something, something that me me feel like, ergh... what the hell.. why? that question keeps repeating itself.

i guess this time would be long, so you guys better get ready. and i have the feeling that this time would be much bad words... really bad... so, under 18.. don't continue your reading okay? shuh shuh :D

it's about something hot fresh and it getting famous today. ijat syafiq. have you heard that name? i already saw his name more than ten times today in facebook.

this guy... with his idiot jerk friends had done something to a class monitor. orang melayu cakap buli la...kes buli.. and the video now had been all over the country, facebook, youtube. i'd take a moment watching the video, they purposely record it, and there's a boy with full school uniform- tuck in, with bag such a nerd or maybe and then being beaten by two or three other boys. the most awkward moment when they pose in front of camera act strong i think. i don't bother any other feelings except this.

what do you they feel, being a group get to beat the boy, kick like a pro tomoi, punch on his head, the boy, the one who alone and helpless and can do nothing... what the hell are you thinking dude? you want to show to the world that you strong enough? you proud you can beat that boy? you feel so strong? unbeatable? invulnerable? DID YOU THINK YOU PROVED YOUR STRENGTH BY BEATING THAT BOY LIKE THAT?? screw you asshole ! that is the most weak move you made, if you think about it. hit someone that can't fight back? come'on , is that you call strong? man? that is the most small-dick-move i ever seen. you better hit the wall, for sure it will not fight back. you dare? or if you really want to show how strong you are, get in the ring and beat the rock or john cena or undertaker or any other wrestler that whole world knew already that they strong dude !!


then i remember something i ever read before. it said "stupidity has no limit". yeah, it's really suits to that gang. such an asshole.

btw a few hours ago, i play dota online in garena like always. it's usual y'know in every game i played must have a person that 'lansi kaki'. kuat lansi la maksudnye... what? you don't know what is lansi? have you heard this line, "lu lansi lu mati" ?? haha, sorry i have no time to explain that. so, in that game, there's a person that i mentioned. lansi. he spoke in bahasa. err...okay. he kept says something like make him sounds like a gangster. then he mentioned bout this ijat syafiq. "gua anta anak buah gua sorang je ijat syafiq abes la lu orang". he didn't ever sounds like joking or kidding but more like annoying. kept saying those stuff..

i don't give a fuck to know about him, but i just wonder.. people like this also exist in this world?? they proud with all what they've done wrong.  they feel strong having such a gang can beat people what so ever. i remember his sentences, "kau jangan smpai aku bagi lutut ngn siku kat muka kau"... then i said, "dia ingat dia sorang je ada lutut ngn siku". then he said, "aku bagi sekali je, baru kau kenal tinggi langit ngan bumi" .. wahaha ! i laught at that. such a stupid sonuvabitch. i keep wondering...what does he feel saying like that?? he thought people would, "wooo...sori bang,,saya tak berniat..xpe nanti saya melutut kat kaki abang. abang amek la sume harta saya".. like that??? little brat.

haaahhhh.. what a day. so lesson of today. there are many types of people around the world. maybe i just still shock by meeting those kind of people. i persuade myself, relax bro, they just ordinary human being that made mistakes. but i can't stop ask myself, why do you do that??? what do you want people respond from that? what do you feel by doing that??

argh...fuh... phew... in... out.... in.... out...
i guess it just that. i have no more words to describe all of that. soo... have a nice day. don't do stupid things. use your brain and mind wisely. be a good human being. good luck in your life. chow !

urm.. someone asked me, why you write in english? y'know, i can't figure out how long this post would be if i use bahasa because there's too much words in my mind to describe bout those jerks !!