Thursday, September 26, 2013

"I wish..."

i wish i am the one of them
i wish i can post facebook status like them
i wish i can call them like always
i wish i would hang out with them like old time
i wish i can stay with my friends till the end of my life
i wish i have what they have
i wish i can feel what they feel
i wish i am doing what are they doing
i wish i can laugh everyday like always
i wish i can stop the flowing tears
sometime i wish my life ended right now
i wish i can turn back time
i wish i can fix my mistakes in the past
and whenever i fall asleep . . . . .
i wish i wake up as a 15 year-old and all that happened is just a dream

but . . . . .
nothing can be done
i tell myself to leave the past and live for the future
but i am not that strong
those feelings are haunting me, always
i hate what i've become 


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