Friday, September 13, 2013

"la tahzan"

it's another hard day for me. after knowing, what i prayed for before, what i wished, what i hoped, the answer was not on my side. for a moment, i cried inside, its hurt so much. i lose my strength. lose hope to keep on living. but then i found this :

"jangan bersedih sesungguhnya Allah bersama kita"
"janganlah kamu bersikap lemah, dan jangan (pula) kamu bersedih hati..." - [3 : 139]

even it doesn't cure the sadness that i feel, slightly it give me strength to keep believe in Allah, and not to stop pray and ask from Him. Yes Allah said, "ask me, I will certainly pledge..."- [al-Mu'min : 60] but,

"it may be that you detest something which is good for you; and it may be you love something even though it is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know." - [al-Baqarah : 216]

and then i found this somewhere...

Allah answers in 3 ways;
  - He says yes and gives you what you want
  - He says no and gives you something better
  - He says wait and gives you the best

this evening i sat on the sofa chilling my mood, watching the TV which i even doesn't know what channel or what i was watching about, i didn't remember what it's all about but i heard a song from black, takkan terpisah.. then just now when i was 'youtube'ing the song and i found this video by mat luthfi. firstly i was attracted by the title, then the introduction he tell about degree students that will be graduated soon bla bla bla... i kinda speechless and, a bit sad. i felt pathetic. but just for a while. but then after a few seconds of the video, i burst a laugh. then i laughed again. again, and again. until the end of the video. and until now i am smiling on the screen.

i am truly grateful and thanks to Allah for bringing me to youtube until i found this guys and make me laugh again.
Alhamdulillah ...


  1. alahaii , ni sedih sebab cinta ke ? chill eh ? DIA takbagi apa yang kita mahu tapi DIA bagi apa yang kita perlu :)

    1. xdek maknanye sebab cinta aih ~~ sebab lain,,