Friday, February 21, 2014


it's like about 8 months before I further my study here in uitm. and one of the thing that I really miss within that time is to be in a big society. to have many friends, that live together, study together... I do have many friends but I love to raise the number more and more.

i don't usually use the term bff that stands for best friend forever. coz in my view, they all the same.. they all my bff. so no even one of them i treat a lil bit more special. but still honestly, I do have a few that I'd much prefer to be with them. but this time...

I met this one guy, named fahmi. he's my housemate. and based on my previous post bout those animals.. he is the harimau kumbang. it just like a month after we've met since our registration into uitm. and don't even feel the time moved so fast. and yet, I do feel more comfortable with him. honestly, I am unpredictable. some of my friends said that I have many personalities. coz with friends that I used to, sometimes I've gone wild, hilarious, insane.. unlike others, or maybe it just too early to reach that stage, being too comfortable and show them the other side of me. this fahmi is kinda differ.

during our mingle mingle.. for the first time.. i don't know out of nowhere, while we're waiting at the hall for the facilitator, he did like pinching my stomach and said, "ameerul.. hiburkan aku.. aku bosan". and from that moment, i know, i can gone wild with him. then we often sometimes like play our stomach whenever get bored in class or else and said like.. eee lemakk.. "hiburkan aku" is already become our trademark. sometimes he kembang kembangkan hidung.. jelir jelir lidah... and for a moment, i feel younger.. it feels like we're siblings, like i was 5 years old and he's 6.

we spent quite a lot of time together, just within a month. go out for dinner, lunch, karaoke, bowling.

last week, on the valentine's day, 14th february.. it's his birthday. i realised it since for the previous week and i planned something to surprise him. after one week planning, bout the surprise, cakes, and i also planned to create an intentionally argument or misunderstanding with him where i've being mad at him for 2 days before the day, just to make him a lil bit pressure, but just until his birthday. and all was going just as planned.

for the argument, i do felt pity for him sometimes, coz i made it like a serious and he even didn't dare to start the conversation with me. until when i was with others walking to the class, he just walked alone behind. i am sorry fahmi for what you felt at that time.

during the day.. the surprise with cake during the class was successful. i can see he was speechless, total speechless. there's too much memories to be remembered at that moment.

then.. we went back to college, and after solat jumaat, i just shake his hand and said that i'm going home. also, i know, he'll going to his home that evening. but yet.. that is the last time i saw him.

the next monday, he didn't come back, and even didn't attend the class, without any news from him. i tried to call him, everyday until today, never ringing. "the number you have dialed, is not in service".

4 days, i and the other housemate, we kept questioning ourselves, where did he go? is he had an accident? family problem? please.. at least tell us, so we know.

last two days or maybe yesterday, i don't remember, one of my housemate said he saw him while on the way out from college to the class. he did ask fahmi, and he just answered, "okay jap lagi aku pergi kelas.. amek barang kejap". so then, after class at 4pm i went back home with full of excitement to meet him. but yet.. he still not home. i wait till night,, and until now... i don't even know where the fuck is him right now

a few hours ago.. i sat on his bed with my housemate, the zirafah and tupai (based on my previous post).. we were talking bout fahmi.. again.. then when tupai mentioned about they saw fahmi while otw to class.. something get into my head. he said, amek barang? what barang? quickly glanced at his locker.. it's locked. then i tried something so i can see what inside the locker.. it's empty.

yes.. it's empty.

and zirafah just realised.. "ohh, baru aku perasan.. beg dia pun dah takda.."

so now we know.. he quit. and he didn't even tell us that he's leaving...

we just can make assumption... i don't know what problem is he having right now.. but why? why didn't even tell us.. or say goodbye.. why? why? why???


fahmi... you sucks...

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