Friday, June 7, 2013


first time i heard this word is from david archuleta from his song "crush" that famous long time ago. that time, i just like that song without understanding the meaning of "crush", and i don't even know what is the song all about.

nowadays, i found these words everywhere, my friends, teenagers, facebook, twitters, at least i found this word 2 times a day. until one day, one of my friend ask on twitter, what is mean by "crush". then someone answered him, it is someone that we like or admire him/her silently. hurmm, i understand, but i still couldn't get it.

hurmm, crush huh ? i think i get it now. cause now i have one. actually i like here since last year, it is i just knew the word is "crush". if that is how "crush" explain .. then, i guess, i fall in love with my crush. and i'm highly hope something from her, as she is single now . haha .

hey crush ! can you hear i whisper ? "i want you" ^_^

domo and penguin would make a good couple right ?? xD

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